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1. What do I need to do in order metal artwork?

You may order through our website, Email Us or contact us directly at (918) 341-4347 and we will be happy to assist you.

2. How much is shipping for my item?
Shipping costs are figured by the size and weight of your item. Be sure when inquiring about an item we need to know the size you are seeking.

3. Can my item be custom painted?

Yes, we can custom paint your item(s) by a local artist for an additional fee.

4. Can I just receive a bare metal non painted item?

Yes, you do have a choice of bare (non protected), flat or gloss black or custom painted metal items.

5. Can we do custom items or mix and match blend two or more graphic designs to make one piece?

Yes, we can add more than one graphic design together to form one piece. Please do include all the ID#'s when inquiring on the pricing for this.

6. Can you make my item to hang on the wall, or sit on my coffee table?

Yes, please let us know the intended use so that we can add a base or hanger to your item. 

If this does not cover your question, please contact us above. Thank you.